Call it Melodic Techno, Hypno Techno, Melodic Deep House, Ambient, Electronica… or just music. This it my sound!

Arpow has a profound love for the melodic and energetic part of house & techno music.
His love for electronic music started when he made his first sampled beats in the mid 90’s.
As a DJ artist he has been roaming the music world with many performances around the world. From Australia, to the USA and the majority of countries in Europe. With many dozens of releases in genres such as Hardstyle, Trance and Techno he knows how to match the right vibe to the BPM. In 2019, the Arpow project was born.
A sound of depth, complexity, space, adventure, feels and vibrations.
Produced in the Netherlands, for musically like-minded souls around the world

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