Welcome to the world of Arpow.
Arpreggiators, Melodies, Basslines – This is ARPOW

You’ve found a special liveset recording from the Arpow Studios in The Netherlands.
Showcasing his first 3 debute releases and a brand-new unreleased track.

01: Arpow – Neuron Circuit
(Wout Records)

02: Arpow – Perpetual
(Wout Records)

03: Arpow – Event Horizon
(Wout Records)

04: Arpow – Inner Voyage
(Wout Records)

This live performance was specially focussed on bringing as much of the original tracks as possible.
A live audience set is being programmed as well. Less depending on studio hardware and ready for the road & clubs.
Livestreams will follow too so subscribe for live producing streams in the near future.